PimpRoll: Target Top Traffic Geos With Translated Ads

PimpRoll: Target Top Traffic Geos With Translated Ads

TORONTO — PimpRoll said today that it is taking key steps to provide affiliates and media buyers with language-targeted tools to fit the 10 most valuable markets.

“Targeted ads turn more visitors into customers and this move simplifies the process by making quality creatives available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish for affiliates and media buyers marketing PimpRoll websites,” Ross of TrafficForce.com said. “The fact that Wankz and Lethal Hardcore are now translated into all top 10 languages sweetens the news because it allows webmasters to monetize traffic from any of these regions with targeted traffic from these audiences as well.”

Webmasters need to provide an “unparalleled level of convenience to compete with free content, and targeting top-traffic geos with fully translated ads from PimpRoll, while promoting fully translated content-rich websites like Wankz or Lethal Hardcore provides exactly the kind of synergy that pays off in regions that appreciate you speaking their language," Phil of PimpRoll said.

“We’ve translated the entire UI/UX of WANKZ.com and LethalHardcore.com, including content tags, categories, interface elements and the join process,” Phil said. “That creates a seamless transition from entertainment to transaction and our internal testing is already showing excellent ratios as a result, from regions that are demonstrating rapid sustained growth. As always, our responsive designs also make these enhancements available whether a customer prefers to visit with their desktop, tablet or mobile device.”

To learn more, contact PimpRoll to access multicultural marketing materials and link codes, or visit TrafficForce.com to obtain traffic from any region with a real-time bidding interface that allows clients to tailor incoming traffic to match custom specifications.