Abigail Mac Performs First Interracial Scene for Blacked

Abigail Mac Performs First Interracial Scene for Blacked

LOS ANGELES — Abigail Mac is making her interracial porn debut on Blacked.com.

Mack performs with Blacked contract star Flash Brown in the stylized scene that is an homage to the notorious Phoebe Cates scene in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” the iconic 80s’ film.

“If it weren't for Greg Lansky I would not be the performer I am today,” said Mac, who performed only in girl/girl scenes to start her career. “Since I first got into the industry he took me under his wing.

“Not only has he been a mentor but he has also been a friend. His work inspires and motivates me. My shoot for Blacked.com has been the highlight of my career. The only way I can describe it is epic. I am so grateful to jus be a part of his masterpiece.”

The scene will go live on Wednesday.  

Lansky said, “Collaborating with incredible artists like Abigail Mac is the most rewarding part of my work. There's real talent in the adult industry and I consider the work that adult actresses and actors do an art. Abigail is very talented. She captivates her audience with her charisma and at the same time she's so humble about it. I also love this woman because she's a real perfectionist like me. I am sure we will collaborate on many more projects to come.”

To see the trailer, click here