Jenna Reid Named September Penthouse Pet

LOS ANGELES — Jenna Reid has been named Penthouse Pet for the month of September.

The performer graces the cover and is also the centerfold.

"My start in the industry has been wonderful. I've received some great opportunities so far and I hope to keep rising to the top. Getting to be September's Penthouse Pet was really a huge accomplishment for me," Reid said.

She added, "I really love all the different types of things I get to do and see being in the adult industry and of course, my agency, ATMLA, has really been wonderful! I wouldn't be here if it weren't for them. They've pushed me and made so many awesome things happen for me."

ATMLA owner Mark Schecheter said, "We seem to have the knack for finding models who are Penthouse Pet prospects, but to have one that is selected for Pet status before even shooting her first scene is definitely a rare occurrence. We were very fortunate when Jenna Reid came along, signing with ATMLA within a month after she turned 18. Upon her arrival, we took her to see the decision makers at Penthouse and immediately they casted her for the September, 2015 issue as Penthouse Pet."