Video: Interim Evil Angel CEO Abella Danger Takes Over on Periscope

Video: Interim Evil Angel CEO Abella Danger Takes Over on Periscope
Dan Miller

LOS ANGELES — Rising star Abella Danger took over the Evil Angel offices last week as part of the studio's first live broadcast on Periscope.

Danger declared herself the new CEO, demoting owner John Stagliano to her “butt holder,” and firing director Aiden Riley over the phone.

“I feel very honored that I was honored to be the new CEO, taking the original Buttman’s place,” Danger said. “Although I feel no remorse in demoting him, since he will forever have the pleasure of holding my butt. Handshakes are no longer allowed at Evil Angel; only butt grabs are the appropriate greeting.”

Danger's shenanigans could be seen live on Twitter’s new streaming app, Periscope. Along with her rampage through the Van Nuys offices, Danger held an AMA session for her fans. Numerous Evil Angel employees guest-starred in the streaming session and many had the opportunity to squeeze or spank Danger’s derriere.

“She’s surprisingly talented in many ways, and she’s a worthy successor to me as CEO of Evil Angel,” Stagliano said. “I do have experience being a butt holder, so I hope Abella considers me for the job of her assistant.”

Longtime Evil Angel employee Steve Cattani remarked, "My Christmas bonus came early this year when our amazing CEO Abella Danger let me spank that perfect ass of hers."
The video of the broadcast can be seen on Youtube here.