Pornhub Debuts Premium Streaming Service

Pornhub Debuts Premium Streaming Service

NEW YORK — Pornhub announced today the launch of Pornhub Premium, its new on-demand Internet streaming service.

Corey Price, vice president of Pornhub, said its premium service offers an all new ad-free experience to its users, complete with faster playback and higher-quality streaming on the millions of videos currently on Pornhub, as well as the largest collection of exclusive full-length HD adult titles available in 1080p resolution.

Pornhub Premium will offer a risk-free seven day trial, after which it will only cost subscribers $9.99 per month.

"Simply put, Pornhub Premium, is setting the new standard. Users will benefit from enhanced access to all of the content they already enjoy on – with improved streaming quality — as well as over 100,000 full-length premium exclusive scenes at the touch of a finger or click of the mouse," Price said.

"We're looking to take the crown as the 'Netflix of porn,' and with the colossal amount of content we'll be providing — and adding tons more daily — we're confident our fan base will totally embrace this product and reinforce our position as the top provider of on-demand adult video."

Pornhub Premium will be an ad-free viewing experience that can be enjoyed on mobile, tablet, and desktop, allowing for maximum comfort in consumption options regardless of location.

Dedicated Android and Roku companion apps are currently in the works, with plans to roll out virtual reality integration at the beginning of 2016, which will also feature premium content.