'Obedient Desire' MP3 Remastered

LOS ANGELES — Hypnotic Dreams has announced the release of a remastered edition of "Obedient Desire," an erotic hypnosis MP3 designed to enhance obedience training for submissive women.

"Submissive women know that giving is their pleasure. They instinctively know to focus on the needs of others and …seek fulfillment in serving, obeying, and pleasing. But submission is just the first step. The submissive must also accept that a man’s guidance helps her grow and become more sexual. To achieve her potential, the submissive woman must commit to following directions without question," the company said.

The producers maintained that "Obedient Desire" helps train the listener's subconscious mind to enjoy obedience as a form of foreplay that leads to fulfilling intimacy. As obedience becomes more automatic and enjoyable, it also becomes more intimate and fulfilling.

Hypnotic Dreams offers 25 erotic hypnosis MP3s, six of which are designed to enhance the training of submissive women.

For more details, or to listen to samples, visit HypnoticDreams.com.