Entrenue Now Offering Fun Toys’ Gballs2

Entrenue Now Offering Fun Toys’ Gballs2

PHOENIX — Entrenue is now distributing Fun Toys' Gballs 2, a new high-tech kegel exerciser that’s equipped with bio-feedback” technology that measures the strength of the user’s squeezes and vibrates in response.

The Gballs2’s matching “Magic APP” allows users to track progress and gives women a high-tech way to train and tone their PC muscles with measurable results.

According to the company, Gballs2 were designed with the help of a female doctor to address the unique issues related to women’s pelvic health while providing intimate pleasure via various vibration modes.

“One of the most common concerns women report when doing kegel exercises is uncertainty whether or not they are contracting correctly,” the company says. “But with Gballs2, users experience instant feedback with each squeeze in the form of vibration and receive tips for improvement via the corresponding smartphone app. With six training programs and four difficulty levels to choose from, Gballs2 take women on a journey to pelvic floor fitness that can be personalized to their needs.”

The Magic APP syncs  with Gballs2 to provide feedback in real time while giving encouraging progress badges and sending reminders for future kegel sessions. And users uninterested in the app technology can enjoy Gballs2 for intimate pleasure solo or with a partner and use the app as a discreet remote control.

“Products designed for kegel fitness have inspired a rapidly expanding product category, and Gballs2 are a fun and high-tech option for women who find motivation through measurable progress,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said. “Fun Toys has always been on the forefront of developing out-of-the-box sex toys and new Gballs2 offer a lovely combination of functional fitness and intimate pleasure. And female customers will find greater confidence knowing that their new Gballs2 were developed with the support of a female doctor – few others in this category can boast that benefit!”

Gballs2 are made of body-safe silicone and ABS and weigh 1.9 ounces. Available colors include Petal Rose and Lagoon Blue.

To place an order, call (800) 368-7268, email info@entrenue.com or visit Entrenue.com