Pony Play Fetish Show Opening in L.A.

LOS ANGELES — Lovers of pony play fetish are gathering for Equus, Aug. 7-9 at Sanctuary LAX.

The three-day show welcomes equestrian fetishists for games, shopping, parties, and the North American Pony/Trainer Contest.

The organizers said pony play fetish, where people dress as horses in leather tack ranging from simple to elaborate has been a growing segment of the BDSM and leather scene for years. Events like EQUUS allow equestrians to stretch their fantasies by running courses, playing in the corral, and competing for ribbons and awards.

Games and competitions for the trainers, such as the Western Reining game are also featured. Attendees can also learn about leather care, rope harnesses, and training techniques.

"We have an amazing herd of 25 pony people at this event. This is more ponies than I have ever known being at one event," organizer subMissAnn said. "Participants are competing for ribbons in pony and trainer games, the Pony Spirit Award, and Pony Master Award. There is also a leather title contest, the next North American Pony/Trainer will be decided. They have brought auction baskets to bid for Saturday night. These funds go directly to the winner and is for their travel fund. There are amazing deals in those baskets."