Classic Erotica Debuts New Products, Catalog

Classic Erotica Debuts New Products, Catalog
Ariana Rodriguez

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Classic Erotica debuted a new comprehensive catalog, as well as several new items.

The catalog, which features a magazine-style cover, features a new format that was designed to educate customers as well as captivate them visually, the company says.

During the recent ANME Show, Classic Erotica also unveiled several new items from the brands Crazy Girl, Max 4 Men and Body Boudoir. The company’s Coochy shave cream debuted a new fragrance, a new look and a line extension called the Coochy Pretty Parts Collection.

ANME also marked the first public appearance by Classic Erotica and Jelique as a “hot new couple.” Classic Erotica acquired Jelique earlier this year and is now offering a Classic Erotica-branded Jelique catalog.

“Every show we do is an opportunity to reconnect with existing customers and introduce ourselves to new customers,” Classic Erotica Sales Manager Lynn Swanson said. “Our booth is always busy, but this year was over the top. Traffic in the booth and feedback was phenomenal. It’s always a great time getting to do what we love to do each year."

Classic Erotica President Loren Levy said, “Every year we try to go above and beyond our customers expectations to bring them new, exciting products and innovative ways to sell and promote each new item and this year was no exception.”