Nasstoys Releases Oral Vibe

Nasstoys Releases Oral Vibe
Ariana Rodriguez

NEW YORK — Nasstoys has released the Surenda Oral Vibe, a vibrator that hooks into the cheek.

The Oral Vibe features five functions and comes with a USB charger, making it fully rechargeable and it is available in flesh or pink.

“The tongue piercing trend has long passed, leaving millions with chipped tooth enamel on their molars,” the company said. “Other manufacturers have developed vibrating tongue piercing mini bullets or distracting apparatuses that are worn over the tongue, and never really stayed on very well. 

“By embracing body-safe vibration enhancing waterproof silicone materials, Nasstoys has developed a new bedroom toy that adds a whole new dimension to oral lovemaking.”

Available in pink or peach, the company says the 2.25-inch oral apparatus is comfortable for the wearer and the recipient; and “fills the mouth with sweet vibrations that even the most talented tongue cannot duplicate.”

According to the company, the Surenda Oral Vibe was its top-selling item at the ANME Show last week in Burbank, Calif.