BrokerBabe Hosts ‘Broker Games’

BrokerBabe Hosts ‘Broker Games’
Rhett Pardon

ZURICH — Mobile affiliate program announced today a summer competition dedicated to current business partners as well as new affiliates.

For six weeks starting with July 27, Brokerbabe invites publishers and media buyers to reach a weekly target, announced several days in advance, in order to win a specified prize. All affiliates that reach the target will win a particular prize, regardless of how far they go in the competition.

“On July 23 we will announce the first target and the first prize on all our social media channels, including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, and on the Brokerbabe website, under the ‘news’ section, where you can also find all the competition’s rules and regulations.” said Stefan Muehlbauer, BrokerBabe’s director of marketing and sales.

Weekly prizes include the latest technologies and gadgets, exciting experiences and party vouchers for the locations of the winners’ choice, and they will be announced alongside the weekly target.

Affiliates can find out the target in advance by registering for BrokerBabe’s text messaging service.   

At the end of the six weeks, all the winners during the competition will be included in a raffle for the grand prize, BrokerBabe’s money gun, a toy gun filled with $2,000.