Bella Vendetta and Chelsea Poe in ‘The Training of Poe’

LOS ANGELES — Porn star and veteran professional dominatrix Bella Vendetta has teamed up with trans porn sensation Chelsea Poe on a BDSM film journey together.

Vendetta and Poe will shoot an intense, four-day slave training session at the House of Vendetta with videographer Jacqueline Mary to create kinky art porn.

“So much of kink porn is just straight vanilla sex with bondage thrown in,” Vendetta says. “I wanted to shoot something that was true to my sexuality and BDSM practices.”

“We are showing everything, from the pre-scene negotiations to the video diaries shot in the slave quarters,” Vendetta adds.

“This has been both a personal and professional dream project of mine,” Poe explains. “I really hope a project like this can influence other BDSM sites to expand the role of trans women on their kink sites.”

The duo plan to make this an ongoing series, documenting Chelsea’s submissive transformation, with “The training of Poe” set for release early next year.

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