The pjur Group Wins StorErotica Award

WASSERBILLIG, Luxebourg — The pjur Group announced that it has won the StorErotica Award for "Lubricant Company of the Year“ at the ANME Founders Show.

“We’re proud to accept this award,” said Richard Harris, CEO pjur group USA. “It is because of all the hard work, dedication to the pjur brand and perseverance that we have all won this award. The many customers in our 20 year history we also give credit as without their trust and loyalty we would not have been awarded this honor.“

CEO Alexander Giebel added, “Thanks to all. To the members of the team and this includes every level, from the production, sales, marketing, manufacturing, PR, advertising, accounting, registrations, order processing, social media and more. This has a positive effect around the world.”