Sunderland in ‘Girls of Cancun’ Live Chat

Sunderland in ‘Girls of Cancun’ Live Chat

LOS ANGELES — Kendra Sunderland will reunite with cam stars Alena Croft and Ashli Belle on July 16 from 4-6 p.m. PDT for the "Girls of Cancun" live chat event at Penthouse Live.

“I’m so excited for this sexy fiesta with Alena and Ashli,” Sunderland said.

She added, “We had such an amazing time our first time around, we just had to get together again and top our previous party for This is going to be a historic reunion, and I can’t wait.”

The trio promises to chat with fans, get naked, and put on a show so sexy it’s sure to top their now infamous Mexican hot tub party from a few months ago.

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