Skow Ships ‘1 Room, 4 Girls 2’

Skow Ships ‘1 Room, 4 Girls 2’
John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — Director B. Skow has released an intimate portrayal of young starlets in “1 Room, 4 Girls: Volume 2.” The follow-up from Skow for Girlfriends Films is now shipping on DVD through Girlfriends Films.

“I’m a longtime admirer of women, and I love showing the beauty and sex appeal of a woman sharing her playful and flirty side, while pleasing herself,” Skow said. “It’s this interaction that makes the sex afterward all the more exciting and satisfying for the performers and for the fans who are watching!”

“1 Room, 4 Girls: Volume 2” features Jade Nile, who graces the box cover, plus Katrina Jade, Kate Alton and Mercedes Carrera.

Nile remarked, “This was my first scene with my best friend, Michael Vegas, and hanging out with him and B. Skow was awesome! I love those guys! It’s easy to forget I’m even being paid to be there.”

The movie follows the April release of “1 Room, 4 Girls: The Perfect Ass,” which garnered several strong reviews.

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