Star's Forfeiture Hearing Slated

Star's Forfeiture Hearing Slated
Rhett Pardon

LOS ANGELES — A federal judge has scheduled a forfeiture hearing for Thursday in relation to the $500,000 that multimillionaire MagicJack exec Donald Burns gave gay porn star Jarec Wentworth in an extortion plot.

Last week, Wentworth, a former and Sean Cody performer, was found guilty by a federal jury of blackmailing Burns, who handed over the cash and an Audi worth about $180,000, so that details of the Burns’ paid sexual encounters with him and other gay adult performers wouldn’t be revealed on Twitter.

At the forfeiture hearing, U.S. District Judge John F. Walter will hear evidence of where the money might be located. Wentworth, 25, remains in prison while awaiting sentencing Sept. 21.

Meanwhile, the federal judge on Monday made a critical ruling over the disclosure of information stemming from one witness’ testimony.

Walters denied a protective order in the case that would restrict disclosure of information containing names and other identifying data of third parties from the cellphone of witness “J.G.”

While the Wentworth trial offered salacious details about private planes, beachside mansion parties ending in group sex, and envelopes full of cash handed out the next morning to gay porn star participants by Burns, the showstopper that raised more eyebrows was J.G.’s testimony.

The witness described as J.G. is gay porn star Justin Matthews.

Matthews was a witness for the prosecution who revealed his friendship with Burns, as well as another wealthy individual.

According to his testimony upon cross examination by Wentworth’s counsel, Matthews recently had dental work paid for by a “friend” — but not by Burns, 51.

“You mentioned you didn’t want to give details about an individual because he was very powerful and you feared for your safety if you disclose information,” Wentworth’s attorney said. “Who were you talking about there?”

“David Geffen,” said Matthews, referring to the 72-year-old openly gay billionaire media magnate who is founder of Geffen Records and the co-founder of DreamWorks SKG.

The protective order that Walters denied would have made unauthorized copying or viewing of Matthews’ cellphone data produced to defense counsel just prior to the case subject to punishment as contempt of the court.

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