Air-Powered Pleasure Product Womanizer Arrives in the U.S.

SAN FRANCISCO — Ryan Poirier and Frank Alde, along with their business partners, have launched Epi24 USA, makers of the Womanizer — a pleasure product that features patented PleasureAir pulsation technology.

“The Womanizer is Europe's best-selling pleasure product right now, and we are thrilled to be launching in the U.S.,” Poirer said.

Recently named the winner of this year’s ETO Award for Best Female Product, the Womanizer has been called revolutionary as it is a woman’s sex toy that is not inserted vaginally or applied directly onto the clitoris. Instead, the device lightly sucks the clitoris and stimulate through "pulsating pressure waves."

According to the company, 50 females aged between 20 and 60 tested the Womanizer. Based on the results, 73 percent of the women said they experienced multiple orgasms and 76 percent reported that they had an intense orgasm.

“It is the first product to implement our patented PleasureAir pulsation technology, “ Poirier said. “The Womanizer is going to be an absolute hit, what people are saying about it is true and it's a one of a kind technology that no one else has. A product that can rapidly produce orgasms like this is a first and will become a bedside standard for years to come.”

The product is available in four color combinations including blue, pink, rose and black and an exclusive Swarovski limited edited.