Bel Ami Wraps Film in Greece

PRAGUE — BelAmi has just wrapped production and returned from a two-week stint on the island of Mykonos.

Greece may be in crisis but you would never know it by the look the pristine island of Mykonos with its cobalt blue water and breathtaking views from BelAmi's rented cliff top villas, the studio said.

BelAmi had two villas to house more than a dozen BelAmi performers plus production teams as they explored the island and filmed several new summer scenes. BelAmi brought some of their most popular stars as well as rising new stars to the island including: Hoyt Kogan, Jerome Exupery, Ariel Vannon, Nate Donaghy, Helmuth Huxley, Kevin Warhol, Adam Archuleta, Jaime Durrell, Marcel Gassion, Peter Annaud, Bastian Dufy, Andrei Karenin, Rhys Jagger, Antony Lorca, Torsten Ullman and Christian Lundgren.

In addition to shooting new scenes, BelAmi has also shot pick-up scenes for their upcoming feature, the as of yet untitled follow-up to BelAmi's 2001 hit "Greek Holiday" which when released in 2001 was touted as BelAmi's "most extravagant production ever."

BelAmi's new Greek adventure will be released early next year exclusively at BelAmiOnline. BelAmi began shooting the untitled follow-up to "Greek Holiday" in fall of 2014 on location in Greece featuring BelAmi favorites Adam Archuleta, Hoyt Kogan, Jerome Exupery, Helmut Huxley, Antony Lorca, Rocco Alfieri and upcoming star Torsten Ullman. 

More information on the title will be released leading up to the debut next year when 12 scenes will be released over the course of three months at BelAmi's site