Bunny Ranch: Free Weddings to Gay Couples

Bob Johnson

CARSON CITY, Nev. — The Bunny Ranch brothel announced that it is now offering legal free weddings to gay couples across America.

Brothel owner Dennis Hof, a newly ordained “minister” is inviting couples to his Ranch through Labor Day 2015.

“I’m paying for the marriage licenses, and we’ll host a great reception for the couples in one of our plush Bunny Ranch VIP suites, Hof said. “A large part of our business has become couples coming here to explore having another girl join them in a sexual experience, and many of those couples have been lesbians. Being able to provide them with the ability to legally join hands in marriage and then consummating the union right here on site with the assistance of a beautiful Bunny if they so chose, will be a true honor for me."

He added, "I’m happy to pay for the licenses so these couples can finally fully enjoy the basic human rights that they have been wrongfully denied for so long.”

Hof also credits his recent decision to house Scott Thorson, the ex-boyfriend of Liberace, with providing an eye-opening insight into the gay rights struggle. “Everyone has a close friend or relative who is gay, whether they know it or not,” Hof said. “Having Scott live at The Bunny Ranch for a period of months right next door to my house while he got back on his feet allowed me to have day-to-day interaction with a gay person who over time became a very close friend.  If someone were to tell me that my friend isn’t worthy of loving someone and being loved in return, that person and I would have a big problem — a very big problem.”

The free wedding offer is open to all gay, lesbian and transgender couples. Those interested can email pr@bunnyranch.com to reserve a date to recite their vows.