CockyBoys Celebrate Historic Gay Pride Weekend in N.Y.

NEW YORK — CockyBoys performers and the studio’s owner celebrated this past weekend in New York after the U.S. Supreme Court made gay marriage legal in all 50 states.

At a swanky suite in New York during the city’s annual Gay Pride festivities, CockyBoys exclusive performers Levi Karter and Tayte Hanson were interviewed by Elle for a piece titled, "Male Porn Stars Taught Me How to Look Better Naked." The full interview can be found here.

Later, scores of CockyBoys performers gathered to ride down Fifth Avenue on Next Magazine’s float that slowly traversed the street for the Gay Pride parade

CockyBoys' Levi Karter, Tayte Hanson, Ricky Roman and boyfriend Michael Anthony, Frankie Valentine, Justin Matthews, Dalton Briggs, Liam Riley, Alex King, Alex Mecum, Dalton Briggs and Jacob Ladder were joined by CockyBoys' owner and director Jake Jaxson, RJ Sebastian and Benny Moorecock on the huge float as the boys danced around and passed out new T-shirts with the new tagline "There Is No Sin Here" stitched on the front of the shirts.

“A CockyBoys' pride weekend wouldn't be complete without an appearance at a happening NYC nightlife party in the city that never sleeps,” a publicist said. “CockyBoys were the featured guest at Erich Conrad an Drew Elliott's famed ‘Pretty Ugly’ party in celebration of gay pride held at the epic Diamond Horseshoe with guest DJ John Cameron Mitchell.

“CockyBoys Levi Karter, Tayte Hanson, Ricky Roman, Frankie Valentine, Justin Matthews, Dalton Briggs, Michael Anthony, Liam Riley, along with Jake, RJ and Benny, held court at the packed venue till 4 a.m. bringing an end to an extraordinary weekend for the CockyBoys.”

Owner and director Jake Jaxson said of the weekend: "Was it all a dream? What a spectacular weekend. Being able to celebrate love, life and all the possibility to come with a group of such wonderfully supportive, giving, authentic people.”

“I never thought in a million years, as a shy gangly gay boy from South Louisiana that I would ever see the day that I would ride down Fifth Avenue in New York City in the largest gay pride parade in the world — with my love of 16 years while filming over a dozen of the most unique, creative and funny souls," Jaxson said.