Nick Capra Leaves Ducati Models

LOS ANGELES — Gay adult star Nick Capra announced that he has amicably split with Ducati Models in order to manage his own career.

"I'm expanding my career to include many other projects, some of which are outside of porn," Capra said. "It just makes more sense to have fewer cooks in the kitchen, so to speak. I need to be able to wheel and deal on my own behalf."

Capra gave credit to Ducati Models for helping resurrect his career.

"When I returned to porn in 2014, I was naturally concerned if I'd be able to get work. I was approached by Michael Youens of Ducati Models, who asked me if I'd be interested in being repped by an agency he and Trenton (Ducati) were forming. I took a chance with Ducati Models and in large part because of their work on my behalf, my career flourished again. They set me up with the right studios and the right directors who were interested in utilizing my acting skills as well as my body."

The performer has appeared in features including "His Daughter's Boyfriend," "Fathers and Sons," Raging Stallion's "Auto Erotic 2," and Titan Men's "Grease Monkey."

Capra can be contacted at