Justice Howard Discusses First Book 'Revelations'

LOS ANGELES — Justice Howard’s first coffee table book features porn stars, rock stars, a Hell’s Angel and a daredevil, and that’s not even the half of it.

“It’s pretty random stuff and that’s exactly how I wanted it,” Howard told XBIZ.

An accomplished photographer renowned for her images of tattooed models, erotica and celebrities, Howard has shot numerous pictures that were published in some 25 hardcover books during her colorful career. But “Revelations: The Photography of Justice Howard” is special because it’s something she can call her own.

“It’s nice to finally have a monograph,” Howard said. “I’ve been in so many hardcover books that were group compilations. They were beautiful books but they weren’t specifically mine.

“Schiffer Publishing did a beautiful job on the printing of the book. … Some people say the book looks like it’s 3D because the printing is so amazingly tight.”

Howard said Schiffer did the first tattoo book ever published in the mid-80s, making this an ideal collaboration for her first solo effort.

“They were way ahead of the curve on that,” she noted.

Revelations,” which weighs five pounds and is 300 pages, showcases 52 models, several of which are celebrities in the inked community.

Her subjects include: Rusty Coones of “Sons of Anarchy”; Evan Seinfeld of Attika 7 who is also a former porn producer and performer; Sonny Barger, a founding member of the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club in Oakland, Calif.; actor Danny Trejo; Dave Navarro; Black Veil Brides; director Adam Rifkin; daredevil Robbie Knievel; DH Peligro, drummer for Dead Kennedy’s and Red Hot Chili Peppers; former UFC fighter Kimo Leopoldo; former Skid Row drummer turned porn producer and agent, Phil Varone; Diego Verduzco, guitarist from Ill Nino; Corey Miller, star of “LA Ink”; and porn personalities Janine Lindemulder and Helly Hellfire.

Meanwhile the tattoo models featured include the cover girl Malice, who is an exotic dancer, Xanthia Pink, Dejah Garcia, Christine Fury, Mia Taylor and Amelia Nightmare. Among the tattoo artist luminaries are Mark Mahoney, Freddy Negrete, Rick Walters, Kari Barba and Robert Atkinson.

Howard, who juggles work for eight magazines and has displayed her photography at four museum shows in the last two years, called the process of creating the book “organic and easy, and really quick.”

“I’ve got so much under my belt now,” said Howard, the native of San Francisco who brought 16 years of professional photography experience to “Revelations."

“Rusty Coones from ‘Sons of Anarchy’ came over and he was here for 10 minutes and it was like ‘boom, boom, boom’ and it was done. I’m getting a little more proficient at this.

“I’m not interested in replicating any kind of work. Once I’ve done something I’ve done it and I feel pretty strongly about that these days. I have no interest in replicating ‘Revelations.’

“The second book is going to be something totally different and more out of the box.”

Howard’s next book is slated to hit this Christmas featuring dozens more tattooed subjects. She’ll follow that with a fetish-driven book next year.

“The next book is going to be even more random,” Howard said, noting there are about 30 tattoo models lined up in the second one. “I have some really freaking random people in the next one like Penn & Teller, Margaret Cho and Glenn Hetrick.”

Howard revealed that Hustler magazine would be featuring "Revelations" in a six-page spread in an upcoming issue.

For more information about "Revelations," visit Howard's official site.