CockyBoys Debuts ‘Meeting Liam’ Part 2

NEW YORK — Gay porn studio CockyBoys today announced the second installment of “Meeting Liam,” the follow-up to the debut film by the studio’s new exclusive — Liam Riley.

Studio owner Jake Jaxson has high hopes for the Riley franchise. Part one of the Liam series debuted in late October.

“What started as welcoming Liam to CockyBoys has become a four-, maybe five-part series,” Jaxson said. “ Fans are going crazy over Tayte [Hanson] and Ricky [Roman] together in the current installment but just wait till they see Liam in Part 3 coming soon."

In the first episode, CockyBoys brought Riley to New York, creating a feature series centered around his arrival.

“The result was 'Meeting Liam,' a ghostly, sexy, look into the new life of CockyBoy Liam Riley and his first experience with some of his fellow CockyBoys Levi Karter, Ricky Roman and Tayte Hanson,” a publicist said, noting that the first episode was “a huge hit taking the Internet and blogosphere by storm upon its Halloween release.”