Badoink Breaks Down 'Hot Girls Wanted' Doc

LOS ANGELES — has posted a critique of "Hot Girls Wanted," the documentary that focuses on the Miami-based Hussie Models which recently debuted on Netflix.

Produced by Rashida Jones and directed by Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus, the film takes a look at “the realities of the professional 'amateur' porn world and the steady stream of 18-to 19-year-old girls entering into it.”

"The biggest problem with 'Hot Girls Wanted' is that its approach is very reality TV-styled, often hitting emotional strings with a judgmental vibe," writes Badoink's Dan Gutierrez. "There’s a strong sense that the events and decisions taken by the performers were affected by the narrative the producers wanted to take. In true reality television fashion, the experiences are factual, but that authenticity is driven and shaped by the people behind the camera."

Gutierrez continues, "The film’s intention is very clear: Showing the negative aspects of an industry that feeds off young girls who don’t know what they’re doing. But they show that through carefully picked storylines that cater to their agenda, while milking the guilt-ridden judgment of family and friends.

"There’s no sign or mention of sex-positive porn, nor an intention to move the spotlight towards those performers who do enjoy their lifestyle in the business, and have a better grasp of the process."

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