Esterman Turns Focus to Adult Entertainers for Mainstream TV Project

Dan Miller

LOS ANGELES — Celebrity talent broker Mike Esterman told XBIZ he is working with the producer of an upcoming mainstream TV show that is considering hiring an adult entertainer as its host.

Esterman, who has represented Ron Jeremy for his mainstream projects the past 12 years and runs the “e-Bay of celebrities” at, said the opportunity requires more than just a pretty face.

“There's much more to look into when it comes to TV hosting like personality, attitude, charisma, and the smooth interaction with the off-the-cuff type of banter that makes great TV content,” Esterman said.

“Many are great in what they do when videos or pictures are staged and created for that allure but when it comes to television, many of those attributes cannot be just made up. They usually come naturally for someone who already has a great frame of mind.”

Esterman said he is in the “vetting stage” with the project that he likened to the same idea as the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show TV special, but that the producer has told him he is looking for a “breakthrough face.”

“If it all works out, it will be a great opportunity,” Esterman said, noting that some of the adult industry personalities currently under consideration are Jesse (formerly Jesse Jane), Sasha Grey, Bree Olson, Asa Akira, Riley Reid and Kendra Sunderland.

Esterman said it’s his feeling that lots of these entertainers would translate to mainstream projects “because they are open-minded for the most part to take on various roles but also it would be great to expand their fan base.”

“It’s a win-win for everyone,” he added.

The project is slated to begin shooting in the early Fall in Las Vegas. 

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