Playboy TV's 'Swing' Returns for Fifth Season

Dan Miller

LOS ANGELES — Playboy TV on Tuesday announced one of its highest rated shows, "Swing," will return to the network for an eight-episode, fifth season at 10 p.m. ET/PT this Saturday.

The series is billed as an "up close and personal glimpse into the lives of monogamous couples looking for new ways to grow closer and strengthen their relationships."

"'Swing' is one of the most rewarding projects I've ever produced for television," said Wendy Miller, vice president of development and current programming for Playboy TV.

"So many couples who've been on the show have told me how Swing has enriched their relationships in ways they never would have imagined. They discovered not only how to better communicate with each other, but how to live richer lives.

"'Swing' is about a lot more than sex, it's about married couples living truly honest and authentic lives."

Returning as part of Playboy TV’s “TV for 2” couples-friendly programming, “Swing” is hosted by best-selling author Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, who along with a cast of experienced couples coach and nurture “newbie” couples as they enter the "Swing" house and begin their first steps into the swing lifestyle.

"Not only are this season's resident couples among the wildest I’ve ever met, but they’re also some of the sweetest, most caring people on and off camera,” O'Reilly said.

“This is why I love working on 'Swing' — it’s not all about the sex they genuinely care about their marriages, the newbies and one another. My job may entail offering advice, insights and education, but I’m quite certain that I learn as much from the cast as they do from me."

Playboy TV began airing “Swing: Open House” starting Saturday, May 30. The three weekly behind-the-scene specials spotlight former newbies who have gone on to become popular "Swing" regulars.

To view a teaser for the show, click here.

O'Reilly's latest book is titled "The New Sex Bible." She recently was a featured speaker at the Sexual Health Expo (SHE) in Phoenix.

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