Sex Toy Vending Machine PinkBox Debuts

PHILADELPHIA — PinkBox, the Philadelphia-based sex toy vending machine startup, is gaining speed out of the gate and, along with it, great media exposure.

Making its debut earlier this month, PinkBox partners up with bars, clubs and other establishments that cater to an adult audiences to sell its products — from condoms to vibrators to restraints all priced from $4 to $99 — out of a machine, taking cash and accepting all major credit cards.

PinkBox, bragging in its promotions as North America’s first and only exclusive sex toy vending machine company, is counting on customers who are seeking “high quality, competitively priced adult toys, when they what them — right now … at your establishment.”

For now, PinkBox offers its vending machines only in the Tri-state region in the Northeast.

“Our machines have a slender footprint that won’t rob you of vital space, and we’ll consult with you to customize the product selection to suit your clientele,” the company says.

Dr. Timaree Schmit, a noted sexuality educator and chief communications officer for PinkBox, told WHYY News that the vending machines might get some blank stares at first but they merely offer one more option for consumers.

The vending machine debuted earlier this month at the Philadelphia Burlesque Festival.  

“We love the boutique stores where you can go in and talk to someone who is educated in products and the materials and that sort of thing,” she said. “We love those sorts of places. They are not open 24 hours a day, however, for the most part.

“They also have higher overhead costs because they are brick and mortar. And if you buy stuff on the Internet, even if you have the fastest delivery possible, it is not going to be instantaneous. You can't use it half an hour later.”

Schmit discusses PinkBox and its new concept further in a WHYY News report available here.