HiPleasures Taps Into Cannabis Market

Ariana Rodriguez

MIAMI — With medical marijuana becoming legal in 23 states and counting —including California, Denver, Nevada and New York — adult wellness company HiPleasures is addressing the effect of smoking on men and women’s body fluids.

“Smoking marijuana even in small amounts can cause men’s semen to taste bitter and women to taste not so fresh,” the company said.

HiPleasures offers Sugar Cum, which is "a unique, all-natural pill used to invigorate anyone’s sexual experience by making men and women taste sweeter."

“What research and the public is finding out about the connection of weed and how you taste, is something that I have known all along,” HiPleasure CEO Brittani Feinberg said. “It’s personal and a lot of people don’t want to talk about it, but it’s definitely a problem. This is why dispensaries are discreetly stocking up on not only the five-day supply, but also the 30-day supply.”

According to the company, dispensaries across the country are already stocking up as new research is becoming available about the connection of smoking weed and tasting bitter.

Sugar Cum is available on the HiPleasures website and selected retailers in California and Europe.

To become a wholesaler, visit HiPleasures.com/wholesale.