DIMOCO Acquires Mpulse France

BRUNN AM GEBIRGE, Austria — DIMOCO today announced the acquisition of  Mpulse E.U.R.L. and its expansion into the French market.

The deal calls for Mpulse France to be renamed DIMOCO France E.U.R.L. and will move its company seat from Metz to Paris. Charles Baudin — formerly DIMOCO head of mobile messaging corporate sales —  has been appointed President of DIMOCO France.

“Aiming to lead carrier billing and mobile messaging in Europe and after our recent establishment of DIMOCO Greece, we are happy to make the next strategic move into France,” CEO Gerald Tauchner said.

In his new role, Baudin is in charge of DIMOCO’s expansion into the French market and the coordination of DIMOCO’s new office in Paris.

Prior to joining DIMOCO, Baudin held sales management roles in the payment and IT industries, developing business for PayPal, SAP and Secunia. He also brings a significant track record of delivering global sales results as well as proven experience in project, customer relationship and communication management. French born Baudin speaks English and French fluently and has a good knowledge of German and Spanish.

Anticipating an increased acceptance of DIMOCO carrier billing, Baudin said, “Goods and services can be easily purchased with mobile technology. DIMOCO offers the number one payment method in reach and conversion rate in this huge market."

Tauchner added, “With all these great partnerships and our company in France we are able to get customers connected to their services much faster."

DIMOCO noted that Mpulse S.A. was established in 2006 as a spin-off of Nvision, a Luxembourg-based agency focusing on web development and design services. Today, the company focuses on messaging and micro payments and has a significant market share in Luxembourg. In Nov. 2009, Mpulse S.A. established the subsidiary Mpulse France E.U.R.L., the entity that has now been acquired by DIMOCO.

Pictured: Charles Baudin