Erik Everhard Discusses Move to Europe

LOS ANGELES — Adult film star Erik Everhard told XBIZ he’s moving to Europe this summer.

“It was always my dream all these years to move over there and I feel like my tour of duty here is done,” Everhard said Wednesday.

But Everhard, who is one of the most prolific male performers of all time, made it clear he is not retiring from the porn business. He said while he has no immediate plans to shoot upon landing in Europe that he’ll weigh his options when he gets there.

“The only constant in life is change. You can’t live your whole life not realizing your dreams,” Everhard said. “My father passed away a couple months ago and it made me realize there are things out there I want to do that I haven’t yet, and sitting in L.A. none of that is going to happen. So I’m off to conquer Europe.”

Everhard will start his journey in Budapest, Hungary, a place where he’s shot numerous porn movies throughout his career.

“And then I’ll see from there,” he said. “I used to shoot there back in the day a lot for Anabolic and for my own productions I used to go over there three or four times a year. So I’m quite familiar with the area, the culture and the people. Being of Eastern European descent myself it’s something that I enjoy and someplace where I need to be.

“My goal is to be there by August.”

A native of Calgary, Alberta, who moved to L.A. in 1999, Everhard is among a small number of male performers that’s been in demand for more than 16 years. Known for his high-energy style, the seasoned stud has averaged 20-something sex scenes a month for as long as he can remember. It’s part of why he’s not in any rush to map out another hectic shooting schedule just yet.

“I don’t know, right now I’m just going over there. I’m not looking to retire right this second. I’ll probably look at producing European content for American companies. If there are people that are interested in European content they can just contact me through my email,” said the 38-year-old star, whose Erik Everhard Entertainment movies have been distributed by Jules Jordan Video since 2006.

“I have a knack for adding good old-fashioned American flair to European scenes. I think people that have seen my European work would agree.”

He added, “My main concern is just getting over to Europe. Whether I continue to produce stuff, who knows? For me, the main thing is just wanting to move over there. I’ll figure everything else out when I get there.”

Everhard intends to continue working in Porn Valley right up until he leaves.

“I’ve already informed all the producers I work for, they already know I’m going. I plan to finish out the work I’m doing here and then see where life takes me over there,” he added.

Everhard started doing porn in Vancouver in 1998 and moved to L.A. in ’99 “to go head-to-head with the big boys down here.”

He’s certainly done that, winning several performing awards along the way, including a 2015 XBIZ Award for Best Scene for his work with Adriana Chechik & Co. in “Gangbang Me” for Hard X.

“We’re a small nation in Canada, but we make the best hockey players and we can produce a few good porn stars,” Everhard joked. “I’d put my skills up against anybody’s.”

Everhard doesn’t keep track of scenes or movies he’s been in, but he said a safe estimate would be “it’s a shit-ton… I wouldn’t know where to begin on that.”

Indeed, his resume includes more than 3,000 sex scenes and well over 1,600 DVD credits as a performer and another 100-plus as a director. Everhard’s consistency and reliability have kept him in a regular rotation in Porn Valley.

“I have an internal desire to be the best. It’s not only that but you want to maintain a level of quality,” Everhard said. “Usually, it’s a symbiotic kind of thing with the product, too. If you deliver the best it works out for them and it works out for me.

“I’ve always said in this game you’re only as good as your last scene. Nobody gives a shit what you did 10 years ago. That doesn’t matter today.

“I’ve always considered this to be a sports career. If you look at every sport, there are athletes that have their prime, and then they have their moment when they still are really good. And then a moment when they have to reassess things and shut it down.

“I’m not at the shut it down period yet, but I’m also not the type of guy that’s going to go long in the tooth. You always want to go out while you’re still on top, while people recognize that.”

Everhard studied criminology and kinesiology in college and worked at a bodybuilder’s gym in Vancouver before porn. He also was a nightclub bouncer for a short span.

“Who knows what the future holds, the only constant is change,” he reiterated. “It’s time to make some changes. I’ll figure it all out. I didn’t have anything figured out when I came here and that worked out.”