Zero Tolerance Announces Perfect Stroke Challenge

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Zero Tolerance is offering male sex toy users an opportunity to receive up to $150 in merchandise in the Perfect Stroke Challenge.

“How’s it work? Send them your outdated stroker along with a receipt for your new Perfect Stroke and they will send you $50 worth of free merchandise,” the company said. “If you’re not completely fulfilled by the Perfect Stroke they will send you an additional $100 in free merchandise! It’s that simple!”

The Perfect Stroke uses patented accumulation technology to suck and pull the user in whether he is flaccid or fully erect, creating a tease sensation that ends with an orgasm. It works with erectile dysfunction as well, and comes in three sensations: vagina, anal and mouth.

“There really is nothing like this out there,” Dom B. said. “We’re so sure that customers who switch will love it we’re willing to pay them to try it out.”