Ashley Sinclair Explores New Fetishes With Custom Videos

VENICE, Calif. — When Ashley Sinclair started camming at age 18, she did not have a deep interest in fetishes, but she was, however, very open to other people’s ideas, and soon discovered that she really enjoyed being part of other folk’s fetish fantasies.

Now, as a prolific maker of custom videos, Ashley’s experience and openness are helping fans looking to special-order their specific desires.

“Until I started doing webcam [shows] at 18, I wasn’t that experienced other than vanilla sex with a few boyfriends,” Ashley says. “However, if it is someone I am attracted to, to be totally dominated — I have always loved the thought of that — is a turn-on. I also think group sex is fun, so I am definitely on the open side.”

In doing customs, she has tried just about everything — including a few things she might never have tried otherwise.

“There are so many things I have had the opportunity to try,” Ashley adds. “Lots of humiliation, cuckold, goddess worshiping, foot fetish, and jerk-off instructions (from a girl they will and can never have) seem to be the most popular.”

“One unique one is the pregnant fetish,” Ashley confides. “I’m obviously not pregnant but I have a realistic fake belly prop that I use for those scenes.”

Of them all, one of the most interesting fetishes for her has been male domination.

“I never thought I would be in a position to dominate a guy, but in videos and on live webcam I do it all the time and I love it,” Ashley says. “It’s always guys who I would never really be with, and I like the control and power of it. I would never be with someone who could not totally own me. So it’s a fun role to play.”

Ashley recently bought an 8,000-square-foot house that lets her turn a room or a garage into a studio.

“I do a ton of customs — I shoot 50 to 100 videos a month — so to be able to do most things on my property is fantastically convenient,” Ashley concludes. “I’ve had the most fun with the pool and hot tub, but those are just the most obvious opportunities, and I never know what someone is going to request next.”

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