TrafficHaus Heightens Security With 2-Factor Verification System

SAN DIEGO — TrafficHaus said it has enhanced its existing security protocol by mandating its already active two-factor verification process as part of its campaign to protect clients with robust fraud prevention.

Starting June 17, the company will require clients on a bimonthly basis to authenticate each device they utilize to prevent unauthorized users from accessing their TrafficHaus accounts.

“TrafficHaus has always required this sort of verification for our employees and clients, but with heightened risk of cyber-attacks and the various ways people can manipulate the system, we want to remain safe across the board,” TrafficHaus Sales Director Jake Gonzales said. “Starting next week, we will be requiring everyone we do business with to authenticate accounts at this high standard — no exceptions.”

This two-step verification process is designed to ensure that clients have their passwords and their phones or access devices at hand, Gonzales said. Clients without a valid phone number or Skype account will automatically have their account logins disabled until verification information is updated. All related campaigns will continue to run as they are.

Agencies or accounts with multiple users are encouraged to create separate logins to share each campaign, he said.

“This part of our heightened security protocol will enable us to better serve our clients with new service options that, without proper authentication, wouldn’t have been possible,” Gonzales said. “Knowing the demand for immediate information — and the fact that everyone is glued to their phones — this new service will utilize SMS messaging to make business run even faster.”

On an opt-in basis, TrafficHaus clients will have access to real-time SMS message reminders to alert them of changing bids, campaigns up for renewal, or creatives that have been approved or denied,” he said. Users will be responsible for any carrier charges that apply.

“We want to make it easy for advertisers to work with us, so we’re implementing real-time messaging and support services that’ll change the way they do business with us — for the better,” Gonzales said. “This optional service is another way in which we show our clientele that we are here to serve them with the best, most advanced service available.”

Current or potential advertisers and publishers can email here for more information on upcoming TrafficHaus security updates.