Penthouse ‘Videodrone’ Art Exhibit Goes to Denmark

LOS ANGELES ­— General Media Communications, Inc., the owner of the Penthouse trademarks, in collaboration with Passarella Death Squad, announced today that the “Videodrome” exhibition has been chosen for exclusive placement at STORM in Copenhagen, Denmark.

According to the company, the event is considered a benchmark for retail in the fashion world.

The fine art prints began their residency May 15 and will remain on display until July 2. To celebrate the launch, an opening-night party was held at Sunday Nightclub with free admission and open bar granted to attendees wearing a Passarella Penthouse x STORM VIP wristband. The company said the evening was a success with elite fashion fans partying until the wee hours of the morning.  

Passarella Death Squad is an Anglo-Japanese fashion label, which has created 16 exclusive artworks and five T-shirts for Penthouse. Utilizing prints from the Penthouse archives, each model’s image has been photographed, cropped and “doctored” by designer Danny Passarella to construct an image that merges the two brands to achieve an “avant-garde” effect, the company says.

“While considering this project I was especially compelled by the allure of the hidden, so I wanted people to look a bit deeper than they normally would at a Penthouse image,” Passarella said. “Normally it’s the figure and the nudity that people notice. I wanted to draw viewers to the human being in the picture, and for the treatments to provoke a range of emotions beyond lust alone.”

The suite of artworks, printed on to Kodak C-Type metallic paper in editions of 20, will be available for purchase at the STORM retail store as well as online at during the exhibition’s six-week run.

“Given the sensual vibe of Passarella Death Squad, collaborating with them on a 360-degree project was a great idea for Penthouse and its iconic brand,” says Amanda Byrd, director of global licensing for Penthouse. “Their namesake products have distribution into outlets that embody the center of quintessential and cutting edge fashion, and it also served as an opportunity to show customers how our famous brand could merge with high-street fashion.”

The “Videodrome” exhibition premiered at Unit 44 in Newcastle, U.K. on April 2in partnership with END. retail store and again in London  at Blackall Studios in SoHo. Following its tenure at STORM, the exhibition will move to Brussels, Belgium for the remainder of July.