Mile High Media Gives Fans a Follow-up With ‘Prison Lesbians Vol. 2’

Rhett Pardon

MONTREAL — Mile High Media’s “Prison Lesbians: Vol. 2” showcases eight performers in four all-girl sex scenes in a Sweetheart Video-produced video that is the anticipated follow-up to the new series about hot women in trouble with the law.

“Prison Lesbians: Vol. 2,” directed by Dana Vespoli, stars Vicki Chase, Bree Daniels, Rizzo Ford, Vanessa Veracruz, Chanel Preston, Veruca James, and Jay Taylor, as well as Dana Vespoli, stepping out from behind the camera to perform.

According to Mile High Media: “The deviant women of ‘Prison Lesbians: Vol. 2’ work their way through some sticky situations and heavy scenarios. In scene one, Vanessa is a drug dealer's prissy girlfriend, who has taken the fall for her boyfriend's bad deeds. When she discovers she's sharing a cell with tough, lesbian prisoner Rizzo, she begs her for protection against the other inmates. Human rights vigilante Jay finds herself in the clink, in scene two, after a protest gone wrong. She's dismayed to discover that her cellmate is legendary Madame Chanel. After Jay spouts off about the horrors of sex trafficking and objectification of women, Chanel seduces her with the idea that sex and money make the world go 'round.

“In scene three confused inmate Bree can't remember what landed he in her cell. Ghostly Vicki appears like an angel, promising Bree her freedom... but is Vicki a benevolent or malevolent presence? Finally, Arabic Airlines passenger Veruca has trouble explaining to homeland security agent Dana the reason why she was in and out of Dubai in less than 24 hours. Ms. Vespoli doesn't appreciate Veruca's bad attitude, and makes it abundantly clear.”