Kheper Games Unveils 'Mr. and Mrs. Card Game'

John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — Kheper Games, Inc. has announced its newest addition to its line of wedding-themed items, the "Mr. and Mrs. Card Game."

The "Mr. and Mrs. Card Game" is a Newlywed Game-show style card game where each member of a couple answers questions about themselves first. The friends quiz the couple to find out which one of them knows the other better. Kheper Games says it works "great for any wedding-related party or anniversary." The decks can even be divided if the couple has separate bachelor and bachelorette parties.

“There is a growing trend of engaged couples who wish to have their last night out parties together,” said CEO Brian Pellham. “Our 'Mr. and Mrs. Card Game' offers couples a fun activity they can do together and is our second product of its kind to address this growing niche.”

In addition to the "Mr. and Mrs. Card Game," Kheper Games, Inc. also sells an extensive range of bachelorette and ladies night items, including Glow in the Dark Naughty Straws that glow in color, Boob/Booty/and Pecker Inspector Badges, Naughty Veils, Tiaras, and more. They also sell an Absurd Wedding Confessions game that works for any wedding-related event (but not anniversary parties).

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