New Sensations Examines Open Relationships in 'The Swing Life'

LOS ANGELES — New Sensations has announced the release of "The Swing Life," a new erotic drama produced for the studio's"Tales From the Edge" series.

Helmed by writer and director Jacky St. James, the movie tells the story of two married couples looking to indulge in their first swinger experience and discovering what it takes to truly make an open marriage work.

"Whenever I get the chance to explore the positive aspects of open relationships, I relish it,"St. James said. "There are so many gross misconceptions about swingers — the most common being that you cannot possibly want to swing if you are in an emotionally and physically satisfying relationship. That is absolutely false. Some people truly do love their significant other so much that they don’t want to limit their experiences and why should they if everyone has a level of understanding, respect, and desire?"

"Tales From the Edge: The Swing Life" follows two happily married couples as they embrace open marriage with help from their friends. Cherie Deville and Ryan Mclane play would-be swingers out to entice swinging couple Britney Amber and Richie Calhoun for an introduction to the lifestyle. Keira Nicole and Chad White are slowly and masterfully seduced by neighbors Jodi Taylor and Jack Vegas, experienced swingers in tune with the couple’s budding curiosity over spouse sharing.

"My favorite part of filming this movie was when they sat me in a chair and had me masturbate to the sex happening in front of me between my on-screen husband, Chad White, and best friend, Jodi Taylor,"Nicole said. "It looked so hot! It took so much to tell my brain, 'No, you're just sitting here and playing with yourself!' It was a great scene! Plus after we were all buttered up, I got to have sex with my husband's best friend, Michael Vegas. I really loved being a part of another Jacky St. James creation, and I hope to bring more of them to life in the future."

"Tales From the Edge: The Swing Life" has a runtime of 131 minutes and includes an exclusive photo gallery and a candid Behind-the-Scenes featurette.

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"Tales From the Edge" explores themes and relationships rooted in the traditional, but often taken to the extreme and taboo. The line is a companion series to Digital Sin'sseries "Tabu Tales."