Webstream.co.uk Offers DIY Live Cam Platform

Rhett Pardon

LONDON — Technological hurdles while delivering a polished, smooth streaming and globally available live show online are numerous, but now Webstream.co.uk says it has created a simple platform for models or studio owners to use with “all of those obstacles cleared away completely.”

With a short snippet of simple HTML code, any site owner or model can easily add their own live cam and PPV clip store to virtually any website. However, Webstream says that still leaves the content creation part of the equation up to each individual performer.

“Some of the top-performing models are on the Webstream platform,” said Webstream principal Ben Clark. “While we share in their goal to achieve an ever-growing audience, and do all we can to smooth out any wrinkles in the data delivery, billing, stat tracking and design aspects of their camming productions, we wholeheartedly applaud the ‘can do’ attitude and winning personality each brings to their fans’ fantasies while their own Internet dreams also become a reality.

Clark said that in an era when many webmasters are only willing to sit back and do the bare minimum to facilitate their own success, the cam stars and many others on the Webstream platform continue to work at their craft each day.   

“The great majority of our models are solo girls and small companies seeking to convert their own do-it-yourself strategies into serious profits,” Clark said. “Making moves in the social media marketplace, earning coverage from external media sources, learning the tendencies of their own audience by tracking their interactions, blogging, feature dancing and turning any seemingly small advantage into a scalable way to reach further and climb higher than competitors who mistakenly believe success will somehow be brought to them on a silver platter.

Clark said that 2015 has already proven to be a huge year for many in the biz and that Webstream recently announced a slew of new upgrades to its service, including enhanced audience tracking statistics, direct-connect features in our webcam platform, additional clip-store functionality and more.

“So, while we can’t require you to become successful, we certainly are willing to work with you at every step along the path to profitability from the first time you turn on your webcam to the moment you finally exceed every one of your goals,” Clark said.

“While we see plenty of negativity from others in the industry on message boards and in interviews, we believe that same energy is far better utilized by applying it to the tasks at hand, finding innovative solutions to the needs of all our content partners. We also understand that their DIY efforts often depend on the continued evolution of our award winning webcam platform.

“Fortunately, at Webstream we are constantly inspired by the models and studios we work with, and that makes getting to work with a smile on our faces and a big bounce in our steps, just about the easiest part of what we do each day.”