Pure Play Ships First Title From Light Southern

LOS ANGELES — Pure Play Media and Lightsouthern have shipped "Momentum Vol. 1," the first release from the Australian studio featuring content new to DVD.

"Momentum Vol. 1" features an amateur cast with full-bush, self-pleasuring, threesomes, and lots of hardcore sex filmed in HD.

“It is a thrill to have the opportunity to share 'Momentum Vol. 1' with the world through mainstream distribution powerhouse Pure Play Media,” said Michelle Flynn, director, producer and owner of Lightsouthern.

Funded by an Indiegogo campaign, "Momentum Vol. 1" is an erotic adventure set in 1970’s Australia fraught with youthful energy. The directorial debut for Flynn, "Momentum Vol. 1" has two hardcore sex scenes, a threeway masturbation scene, and imagery that ties it all together. "Momentum" stars Kenji, Devon, Lily Rei, and Chloe B.

Hyland, sales representative for Pure Play Media, said, “The market has been yearning for this type of lush, erotic content depicting beautiful, intimate scenarios, and Lightsouthern’s independent sensibility elevates our entire catalog. 'Momentum Vol. 1' ships today, so call me for details about this exciting line.”

International accolades for Lightsouthern and its premiere title feature "Momentum Vol. 1 " include:

  • Official Selection: Momentum, Vol. 1  
    •  CineKink (NYC), 2015  
  • Winner:  "Best Adult Production Company" – Lightsouthern
    • Eros Shine Award (AU), 2014 
  • Official Selection: Momentum, Vol. 1  
    • Berlin Porn Film Festival (DE), 2014 
  • Nominated: Director Michelle Flynn
    • Porna Awards (NL), 2014