CamsPower Launches Black Label API Tool

John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — CamsPower announced that its high-level integration mode, Black Label API, is ready for release.

CamsPower said Black Label API is designed for partners who have the resources and know-how to build their own sites, but are looking for content or an even more resilient set of SEO tools.

The Black Label program works similar to a White Label. It’s also a rebranded version of CamsPower's live webcam product. It's made possible through several APIs which deliver cams or allow partners to develop their specifically tailored cams site.

Depending on easy or advanced query options, the CamsPower API provides users with photos, profile information, videos and more, and thus display the contents in a personalized way. This way it gives users the freedom over their site's design, allowing for the creation of a unique live cam experience. The criteria and requirements are:

* A web server / hosting with ftp access
* PHP5
* Knowledge of HTML / PHP

"We are excited to launch our Black Label API allowing our partners a more advanced and flexible solution to create their own unique cam sites," said Managing Director Douglas Richter. "Providing partners with the leading edge tools and technology needed to grow their profit is our ongoing mission at CamsPower."

CamsPower offers database level tracking for its solution, ensuring users get credit for every sale tracked at the domain level.