Net 1on1 Adds DanaLife’s Jes-Extender Lines

Ariana Rodriguez

ST. ALBANS, U.K. — Net 1on1 says that with the addition of DanaLife’s Jes-Extenders line, retailers can expect increased sales of 400 percent with in-store POS and retailer support.

Working closely with Klaus Pedersen, managing partner at DanaLife, Net 1on1’s marketing and sales teams says they have been able to not only drive sales but also add value to every customer’s order placed.

Emma Podmore, PR and marketing manager for Net 1on1 Wholesale says,“Klaus is more than just a champion of his brands, he goes the extra mile when it comes to putting his distributors and customers first. Working extremely closely with him on marketing and sales initiatives has provided us with fuel for the fire, resulting in better-targeted capmaigns, brand awareness and increased sales across the U.K. Customers stocking Male Edge and Jes-Extender through us are treated to 360 support from not only their distributor but manufactuer too, which really does build trust in the products and brands, which is a key driver of sales.”

EroFame 2014 saw brands Male Egde and Jes-Extender awarded with the title of ‘Best Retail Support’ by EAN. Net 1on1 Wholesale offers a whole marketing suite of materials, including product imagery, videos, and eCommerce banners available via.

Danielle Warn, head buyer at Net 1on1 Wholesale, adds, “Sexual health is a massive drive in our industry now, with interest spilling over from commercial, health and fitness markets having an impact on product design and promotion. The medical underpinning, quality and proven results of the Male Edge and Jes-Extender really does do the talking. Run a simple Google search and you’ll find a whole wealth of potential male customers out there, searching for what these products can provide. The sales are out there, and we really can help our customers achieve them!”