DIMOCO Reveals German Carrier Billing Market Trends

BRUNN AM GEBIRGE, Austria — DIMOCO has published its latest Carrier Billing special report, this time focusing on Germany.

The study was done in cooperation with market research partners Juniper Research and Price Waterhouse Coopers. The company said the German market has been analyzed and the success of billing digital content via the mobile network operators for now and the future revealed.

With a potential reach of 112.6 million mobile subscribers in Germany, the payment method is stated to be number one to bill digital content, according to DIMOCO. Conversion rates up to 70 percent for first time transactions and up to 80-88 percent for repeated digital content purchases were measured in Europe.

The German e-publishing, gaming, home video and digital music markets revenue will increase to 4,623 million euros by 2018. While e-games are the second most successful digital content industry (with revenues of 1,569 million euros in 2018), surprisingly the e-book, e-magazine and e-newspaper segments are leading the publishing area with expected revenue of 1,684 million Euros in 2018. Home video will increase to 761 million euros in revenue and digital music will account for 609 million euros in Germany in 2018.

While mobile handset penetration is 139.2 percent — with many people having two mobile devices — only 35 percent of the population owns a credit card. The report reveals that smartphone penetration is already 50.1 percent in Germany.

“Digital content is being increasingly consumed on mobile devices, as the number of smartphones in Germany has gone up by 20 percent in just the last two years,” CEO Gerald Tauchner said, comparing figures from the 2014 and 2015 market specials.

DIMOCO noted that the German mobile network market is operated by Telekom Germany (35 percent market share),Vodafone (28 percent market share) and Telefónica Germany (37 percent market share including the brands O2 and e-plus).