MysteryVibe Among 1st Sex Toy Exhibitors at TechCrunch Disrupt

LONDON — MysteryVibe will become the second sex toy company in history to exhibit at TechCrunch Disrupt, where it will debut its Crescendo toy on May 6.

“We are genuinely passionate about changing the status quo and removing the taboo around personal pleasure,” said founder Soumyadip Rakshit. “Disrupt is true to its name: it’s the perfect platform to launch a product this disruptive into the mainstream space. We are truly excited to be amongst the very first sex toy start-ups to be able to launch there.”

The Crescendo is designed to take the form of the user’s body rather than being a fixed shape. Users can also individually control the vibrations of Crescendo’s six motors, increasing and decreasing the intensity and patterns, or create their own custom vibes with the toy’s app.

Crescendo is also completely waterproof and wireless — charging inductively on its own charging pod that can double as a smartphone charger.

Soumyadip and his team said they are honored and excited to be amongst the very first sex toy companies to display at Disrupt, but don’t wish to be the last. Instead, they say they hope that their presence at the famous event will help open doors for other sex-positive companies to follow in their wake.

“We believe pleasure should be empowering and celebrated,” Soumyadip said. “It’s something that helps us lead happier lives, and enjoy better and stronger relationships. We also believe that pleasure is a very personal experience, one that's unique for each of us – and that a one-size-fits-all model should never be applied to pleasure and sexuality. For us, the ultimate experience in sex positive pleasure is one that’s truly tailored to meet each and every individual’s needs.”

MysteryVibe has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise €50,000 and is offering Crescendo at a 50 percent discount to early bird supporters for a limited time. To support them, visit To find out more about Crescendo and MysteryVibe visit