Exile Releases 'Revenge of the Housewives' From Severe Sex

LOS ANGELES — Exile Distribution has released “Revenge of the Housewives,” a new feature from Severe Sex.

Directed by the company’s co-owners, Dee Severe and Jimmy Broadway, “Revenge of the Housewives” continues the company’s lighthearted approach to BDSM and fetish.

“Spanking has always been big for us,” noted Broadway, “but spanking doesn’t always have to take place in a dark, scary dungeon. By putting it in a domestic setting, and showing the viewer the misdeeds that lead to the punishment, I think that we’re telling a complete story, and doing so in a way that’s both erotic and entertaining.”

“Revenge of the Housewives” stars Aiden Starr, Kiki D’Aire and Severe as suburban housewives who show their neighborhood’s miscreants the error of their ways. MILF performer Holly Heart portrays a husband-stealing slut, with Broadway as the straying husband. Dixie Comet appears as a meddling neighbor. Alex Chance is the babysitter from hell who spends her time on the job masturbating in the bathtub, while another bad babysitter, Charli Piper, invites boyfriend Brad Knight over for a rec room BJ.

“This was so much fun to shoot, it’s like 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' gone very, very wrong!” added Severe. “Spanking is a classic fetish that never gets old. And, while I’m mostly retired as a performer, I welcome the chance to return occasionally and punish some hot young things….”

For more information and media inquiries, contact Howard Levine at Exile at howard@exiledist.com or 818.576.9464.