U.K. Obscenity Attorney Myles Jackman Launches Website

LONDON — U.K. obscenity attorney Myles Jackman debuted his website today.

MylesJackman.com offers a compendium of web pages devoted to Jackman’s legal services and his defense work in past obscenity cases, as well as advice for potential criminal obscenity clients and links to past video and audio appearances as well as links to landmark cases.

Jackman’s site even includes a section exclusive to the right of those who are searched, arrested and detained in connection with alleged offense under the U.K.’s extreme pornography laws or sexual offense statutes.

The London barrister is unique to the country in that he’s the only such lawyer in the U.K. who specifically specializes in obscenity law and sexual freedoms.

On his site, Jackman also includes information on how his legal services can help those who have online adult properties.

“I can provide you with legal advice specifically tailored to your needs. I have advised adult content producers, distributors, publishers, shops, websites, photographers, performers, artists and trade associations on obscenity law, compliance and publication issues, and specialize in ATVOD compliance, the AVMS Regulations 2014 and BBFC R-18 submissions,” Jackman’s site says.

The site, complete with numerous past blog postings and links to Jackman’s Twitter feed, includes numerous testimonials from clients like Michael Peacock and Itziar Urrutia, as well as from those at media outlets, including XBIZ.