Jade, Lane and Cole Tonight on Glenn King’s ‘ManEaters Show’

LOS ANGELES — This week’s lineup of guests on Glenn King’s “ManEaters Show” includes Mystica Jade, Lily Lane and Kendra Cole, along with special guest co-host Tory Lane.

Glenn King’s “ManEaters Show” debuted last week on the MaddyGTV Late Night Roku channel, to an audience of viewers that has reportedly reached nearly 50,000 fans.

“This week’s show was one of our wildest ever,” King says. “Tory Lane is one of the wildest performers of all time and she doesn’t disappoint.”

“We played ‘Tory Lane’s ‘Think About It,’ judged the ‘TwAss of the Week Contest,’ measured some asses and then did an out-of-control roleplay,” King adds. “You do not want to miss this episode!”

The show will air tonight on MaddyGTV Late Night, on Roku. Roku customers can add the channel by clicking on “Search” and then typing in “MaddyGTV,” or by looking in the “Special Interest Category.”

For more information, visit MaddyGTV.com.