Digital e-Life, System Jo Ink Distro Deal

Ariana Rodriguez

INDIA — Digital e-Life has signed an exclusive distribution deal with United Consortium to bring its System JO and Dona by JO lines to India.

System Jo’s product range features pure pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, while its DONA by Jo linke is made with aphrodisiacs and pheromones.

Digital e-Life, India’s largest distributor of sexual health and wellness products, has built three distribution channels including its online portal, an online distribution channel which includes Amazon, eBay and Flipkart and its offline channel via select pharmacies chains in India.

According to Samir Saraiya, CEO, Digital E-Life, “We have been constantly adding new products to our range, as in India there is a great demand for international products. Our buyer’s base has been increasing rapidly in India. Our sole endeavor is to bring to India the best international brands that are renowned for their innovation in this category and thus, System JO and DONA by JO are a perfect fit.”

According to Solomon Levy, CEO of United Consortium, “We believe that India will be a large market for our products in the coming years as the young population is changing their perception and connotations about sexual health. We have been keen to enter in the India-market and are excited about our partnership with Digital E-life, who have demonstrated their ability to distribute International brands in the country.”