Affil4you Announces Google-Friendly Solutions for 'Mobile Armageddon'

Rhett Pardon

PARIS — Affil4you today offered some suggestions about Google-friendly solutions for the “mobile Armageddon.”

Google this week became decisive in SEO ranking of websites, taking into account the mobile adaptation of the sites in its ranking algorithm.

With the suggestions, Affil4you said it endeavored to make its marketing tools meet Google’s recommendations by testing them against all the means put at its disposal by Google.

To start off, “it is important to check if you have the ‘mobile-friendlym label in the SERP straight away. If not, you need to find ways to get it,” Affil4you said.

“If Google thinks the referenced page does not provide a good user experience, it penalizes and demotes it, it receives less or no traffic at all. If Google thinks the page is not adapted to mobiles, it will take it into account, from the 21st of April, to focus on mobile-optimized websites in its rankings, especially if the research is done from a mobile phone,” Affil4you said.

Affil4you said that when Google analyzes a page to see if it is suitable for mobiles, it will look at the page and any scripts that are included. There are two possibilities:

  • You do not have a mobile site, but you want to make sure you are Google-friendly and mobile-friendly while still earning money. Affil4You recommendd its marketing tool: the Google-friendly template.  
  • You already have a mobile site: You may already have the mobile-friendly label by Google. If this is not the case, note that the following traffic monetization tools are mobile-friendly since created for mobile!

Pop-up: a click on your page opens your optimized Affil4you campaign

Mobile Mask: this is an interstitial ad placed on top of your site. Test this tool with your mobile by clicking here.

"Be careful though, these last two tools are mobile-friendly but if your site is not, it won’t change anything," Affil4you said.

"Finally, do not forget that you can adapt elements of your website to be mobile-friendly by customizing your template based on the user-agent of the terminal. You may also use responsive design (which adapts to the width of whatever screen is viewing your website). Adding a viewport meta tag can also adapt the size of the text on your page to the devices. You may also use our pop-in tool on your mobile-friendly website."

How to test if your site is mobile-friendly?

Once you have used Affil4you’s Google-friendly template:

To resume, Google wants two things when someone comes with a mobile on your pages:

  • That the user sees with his mobile the same content that he would have seen if he had made the same search on the web. Otherwise, Google thinks that the user is disappointed, in which case the page is not Google-friendly and it risks a demotion.
  • That the user has a good mobile experience, so the content and display need to be adapted to his mobile device. Otherwise, the page is not considered as mobile-friendly. But it will not be demoted. However, it will be ranked lower than a mobile-friendly page of the same quality.

Here are several Google developers links for Basics of designing adaptive websites and how to Select the configuration of your mobile site.