Remy LaCroix Booking New Scenes

Bob Johnson

VENICE, Calif. — Remy LaCroix announced today that she is free to perform for other companies after parting ways with ArchAngel Productions yesterday over “irreconcilable differences.”

The starlet’s six-month commitment was cut in half, allowing her to get back in the game within hours after the announcement.

LaCroix said she is grateful to be on her own again but saddened about the drama of the split, noting that she felt like an “unwanted stepsister.” “Sometimes a divorce is best for everyone in the family. I’m ready to work again and to feel challenged and express myself.”

She added, “My fans and friends in the industry have been very supportive of me. I feel so lucky to have them. I’m looking forward to giving them the best scenes of my career so far."

Directors and producers can book LaCroix directly by emailing