Wasteland to Stream BTS Content on Twitter’s Periscope App

BOSTON — Wasteland.com on Thursday plans to stream behind-the-scenes video during a BDSM shoot on Periscope, the Twitter-owned live-streaming app.

The BTS stream likely will attract a large Periscope audience quickly and move the video to the top in popularity because of its subject matter. Periscope allows people to live-stream video from their smartphones to Twitter followers with the click of a button.

Colin Rowntree, the founder and owner of Wasteland.com, said he’s interested to see how the broadcast and its aftermath is going to play out, noting possible “gray areas” involving content that is made for adult consumption and Periscope’s terms of service.

Rowntree told XBIZ that he’d been hearing about Periscope for some time; however, after attending two media trade shows he became convinced about the app’s possibilities with adult and started thinking about producing a Twitter live broadcast feed.

“It was not until going to the NAB and New Media Expo shows in Las Vegas last week that I realized that Periscope is the perfect vehicle for adult sites, producers and performers to socially engage with folks,” he said.

Periscope is still in its infancy but it has huge potential for adult entertainment marketing, Rowntree noted.   

“Most results there are a mish-mash of kittens on the piano, ‘my backyard cam’ and other mundane feeds,” he said. “But, Twitter users are watching this and what better thing to add at no cost than BTS ‘on location’ feeds broadcast during a porn shoot? Talk about a click magnet!”

Rowntree does have one central concern, though — 18 U.S.C. § 2257 compliance, the federal record-keeping regulations for adult producers concerning age verification. But that will be mitigated with how the video is shot.

“For our first ‘surfacing’ with the Wasteland Periscope, we are only going to broadcast ‘cloths on’ content — [like] performers arriving,” Rowntree said.  “The director — me — will walk them through, blocking the scenes. [There will be] some on-set feeds before the clothes come off, cameos of everyone eating lunch, end-of-day post-game interviews.”

There will be no need to push it with nudity at this point, Rowntree stressed.

“Twitter people know how to decode things and find the porn,” he said. “I have no idea if keeping it all nice and PG-rated will not result in Wasteland getting banned from Twitter, but this is a pretty efficient broadcast tool to add to our social media offerings, and one that may appeal to our members and social followers. We shall see!”

For information about Thursday’s shoot and to view it, click here. Follow the Twitter feed and it should notify users when Wasteland goes live.